Unity Network SMP is a Minecraft server dedicated to fostering a collaborative and creative community within the game. Unlike traditional survival multiplayer (SMP) servers, Unity Network SMP emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and cooperation among its players !

What is UnityNetwork?

Unity Network SMP refers to a Minecraft server that operates under the Survival ,Lifesteal,Duels+ffa,Oneblock,Bedwars, gameplay style. In Minecraft, SMP servers allow multiple players to join a shared world where they can interact, collaborate, and survive together. The "Unity Network" aspect suggests that this particular SMP server fosters a sense of community and collaboration among its players. 

User friendly

On User Friendly SMP, players collaborate, build, explore, and embark on adventures in the vast Minecraft world. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, there's a place for you on this server. The community values kindness, respect, and cooperation, and strives to make everyone feel welcome and valued. 

Up to date

Our servers are up to date and very unique. Join now under play.unitynetwork.fun

Fast support

The Fast Support Discord server is a community-driven platform focused on providing rapid assistance and support to its members. With a team of dedicated moderators and knowledgeable volunteers, Fast Support aims to address user inquiries and technical issues promptly and effectively. 

How to join

Here you can see, how you can join on the Minecraft server.


Add the server

Go to Multiplayer in Minecraft, then Add Server

Enter server adress

Enter play.unitynetwork.fun in the server address field and click "Done".

You're done!

Now you can play on play.unitynetwork.fun with other players!
Story about Unity Network

Join our Discord Server 


We normally update our servers right after Mojang releases a new update, if you are using default Minecraft you should just need to restart your server for it to take affect. If that doesn't work please open a ticket and we can help assist you as soon as possible.

Server List : Hub,Lifesteal,Nexpvp,Survival,Oneblock,Bedwars & MiniGames

Absolutely, Our servers never sleep we have some servers online over 800+ days!

By default our servers do not take backups you will need to create a task in the control panel to take backups for you, we suggest having this setup every 24-48 hours and to take off site backups just to be extra safe.

Most Unity network Minecraft servers will have systems in place for reporting issues or providing feedback, such as in-game chat commands, forums, or dedicated support channels. Check the server's website or documentation for information on how to report issues or provide feedback.

Yes, it's possible to host your own Unity network Minecraft server if you have the technical knowledge and resources to do so. You would need to set up a Unity project with networking capabilities and deploy it to a server that can handle multiplayer connections. There are also Unity networking solutions available that can help simplify the process of creating and hosting multiplayer games.

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